" The Zero Gravity Program has given me an insight in the entrepreneurship world and the motivation to do more. Pushed me to think out of the box and to look at things from another perspective. "

-Constance Doring

" Zero Gravity strikes you in the face. There’s no area than can run away from innovation, disruptive thinking. The concept of positive change has made not only my professional approach but my entire life better ."

-Messias Stroschein Soares

" The Zero Gravity session serves as a stepping stone to personal growth and innovation. You will receive the empowerment and encouragement to chase after your goals.."

-Bismarck Chiang

" The Zero gravity changed our point of view. There is a story behind many successful and unsuccessful companies and we are now creating one of them as an entrepreneur. We learned to look at our initiative from different angles."

" Thrilled by the Zero Gravity sessions. My take aways are: The biggest risk is if you do not take any risks, believe in yourself because life begins when your comfort zone ends “

" The Zero Gravity program provides the opportunity to change your mindset. Tons of tips will be found in the program for everyone who wants to be an entrepreneur or an organizational intrapreneur. "

-Fabian Herrman

-Jun Tengan

-Erhan Gunes